Live and Virtual Visits with Santa Claus

 Live and Virtual Visits with Santa Claus

Now you can now have a Zoom visit with Santa Claus at the North Pole any time of the year you want all across the USA! All from the safety of your own home! WOW!

When you visit with Santa you will see Santa’s living room, we will probably have a fire going, ask questions, hear stories, and most importantly we hook up directly to the Naughty/Nice Master Computer live with the help of our auditor elf, and find out if you are on the Nice List or the…..I can’t even think it list!

Santa Claus can visit with you and your family and friends on Zoom any time of the year! It doesn’t have to be Christmas. Sometimes Santa can save the day in a visit!  It gives mom and dad a lot of kudos to know Santa. A quick meeting can solve lots of issues at home. English language is used.

And here the best part, you can even record the Zoom Visit, directly on Zoom and save it! It is delivered to you immediately after our visit. Make sure you are set to record it from the start. That’s important!

Imagine, you can now see & hear the entire Zoom visit with Santa Claus again and again and even share it on social media with your family and friends.

You can send information ahead of time so that Santa can have some secret information to blow everyone away! Wait till you see the children’s face of surprise, joy and excitement, we are all on the screen.


think about a couple things…

Zoom provides a sound and video check before we meet so you can adjust your speakers and camera.

Zoom Santa visits are pure EXTREME FUN! Have your notes ready so you won’t forget anything special you want to mention to Santa. Sometimes with all the excitement we forget.

With Zooming we can have longer visits for you than in public places which is not recommended, many places, as you know due to covid 19. There will be as much time available for you as you want, but you need to let us know when you order your time slot. Appointments may be close together in the busy part of the season.  Santa can spend more time asking and answering questions and lots of fun things to do with the virtual visit. Do you want to see pictures of Santa’s Reindeer? No problem that is available too! Santa can even tell a story or sing a song, and leave you with a message of joy and hope… it is so much fun you won’t want it to end! If a child is good….praise is always appreciated. Santa can give good praise! Yes. Santa has Nice New Bells!

AND… again, the entire Zoom Santa visit can be video recorded so the entire conversation can be enjoyed and shared for years to come with anyone that you choose. It is your recording and it is mine to share as we wish.

When you schedule a Zoom visit with Santa of Cincinnati, you’re in for a time you will not soon forget!

Yes, Santa of Cincinnati is the perfect Zoom Santa Claus. He has the looks, the personality, a beautiful place to chat, and of course, the experience to make this an extraordinary experience. A full time entertainer for over 35 years! Santa has visited Malls, homes, office parties, videos, tv, commercials for companies, pre schools, lodges, restaurants, photo studios and many many public retail stores.

Zoom with Santa Claus… it’s not just for kids!!!

Yes, Santa can Zoom with anyone, anywhere. One person to as many as you have! It is easy to pay on PAYPAL with no fees!

What a great present for a friend, you can hook up too and join in the fun! Everyone can be in the safety of their own home.

If you’re looking for an Extraordinary Zoom Santa Claus experience… this is it.

Check availability with the contact info below and make your reservations soon.

Personalized Zoom visits can be scheduled now. The cost is $40.00 for a 7 to 8 minute personalized video message visit.

Visits with Santa Live on Zoom start at $59.00 for 10 minutes and go up in price depending on day, time, and month.

We can arrange for our usual 1 hour visit, like when Santa came to your home, do the same, on line if you want!  One hour fee for Business is $200.00.

SPECIAL FOR 2021   One hour fee for Home is $150.00. ALL PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

Some venues may require 2, 3 or 4 hours of online visiting. We can do this. Prices are being adjusted to make sense. The goal is to keep everyone safe for 2020. This plan will do that.

Imagine everybody’s excitement when they get a chance to Talk to Santa at the North Pole, in his home!

I’m telling you, when your child or loved one has proof they are on the nice list, because they got the information direct from Santa, be prepared for screams of joy! I know! I’m Santa! See you soon!

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