Visit With Santa Claus Lets Celebrate!

Hello everybody!

Today I have some great news!

The elves have now made it possible for me to visit with you in your home or business magically!

It will be just like I am there with you. Guess what?

You can record the visit and get it right after the visit.

This is much better than just photos!

You will be connected to our naughty/nice detection system with me and find out if you are on the nice list or the well…… the naughty list.

So let’s make plans to get together where we can be safe and personal with each other. It’s an Extraordinary Magical experience!

Let’s have fun!!!

Ho ho ho

I will see you soon This is Santa.

I love you!!!

Virtual Visits With Santa Claus

Virtual and Live In Person Visits                With Santa Claus

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